10km course

The Rough Runner 10km Challenge

Our mission is to make obstacle course events accessible to everyone – giving you a high level of challenge but without the need for punishment and pain. So no ice baths, barbed wire lacerations or electrocutions here, unlike at other events!

The 10km is our most popular course, with 15 unique obstacles (so no, it’s not two laps of the 5km course!), and a step up in the level of challenge. The distance between each obstacle is around 500-1000m on average, so you’ll need a reasonable level of fitness if you plan on running the whole way.

Best taken on in a team, the 10km will inspire an immense feeling of camaraderie, whilst also giving you plenty of opportunities to laugh at the rest of your group as they wipe out…

Enjoy the fun, and the challenge, without the pain.

Want to see what you’re in for? Watch the video…

100,000 Roughians to date have had the pleasure. To see why, take a look at some reviews below or read all of them HERE.

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Unique obstacles you say?

Yep. Rough Runner obstacles aren’t run of the mill. You won’t find ‘buddy carries’, slaloms or hill climbs here. We only do things on an EPIC scale, and for the 10km, they’re a combination of fun and physical challenge. So don’t get too comfortable after the nice easy water slide – you’ll probably have some upper body work to do next…

We change obstacles each event, and are always introducing new contraptions, but here’s an idea of some of the ones you’ll see most often on our 10km route.


Think you’re up to it? Then pick a time and place…



Or if you want even more…

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