The Rough Runner 5km Challenge

Rough Runner was created to give people an obstacle experience they’d actually ENJOY! So you don’t need to be 6ft tall and built like a tank to take on our obstacles.

The 5km is particularly good fun, with 10 obstacles geared towards having a laugh while encouraging team work, and still providing a challenge. But there’s no suffering here (we don’t like getting electrocuted either!) – you’re just going to get very wet.

And if you’re not built to run marathons, that’s fine too. The average running distance between 2 obstacles is only about 500m, so your stamina reserves don’t need to be endless!

Enjoy the fun, and the challenge, without the pain.

Want to see what you’re in for? Watch the video…

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Unique obstacles you say?

Yep. Rough Runner obstacles aren’t run of the mill. You won’t find ‘buddy carries’ or hill climbs here. We only do things on an EPIC scale, and for the 5km, they’re geared more towards the fun than the physical. Though don’t get too comfortable – you’ll get wiped out either way!

We change obstacles each event, and are always introducing new contraptions, but here’s an idea of some of the ones you’ll see most often on our 5km route.



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