Bristol 2018 venue

Bristol Roughians!

Thanks for taking the time to help us out with this – your thoughts really count!

We read through the feedback after our June event, and one subject that came up was the venue. This is the reason we’re not online for 2018 yet! Finding a place to host a Rough Runner event is tough, and we need to balance access (this one was really close to Bristol) with variety and scenery. Some people liked that it was flat all the way, others found it boring! So we want to know how you feel about it, and how much the running between obstacles matters to you.

We have already been looking into alternatives for next year, but haven’t found anything better. So if the feedback says we need to move venues to get you back for next year, we’ll hunt some more! But if we can’t find anything we may be back to the same place, or we might even have to skip Bristol in 2018.

Please let us know your thoughts, as they’ll shape our 2018 calendar in a big way!