Charity places

Charity Places

So you’d like to arrange charity places?

Awesome – we want to help your charity get as much support as possible, so we’ve got a load of different options to suit, and every one of them includes discounted places as our token of goodwill!

Our Roughians have raised over £1 MILLION since 2015, for more than 200 charities. From small, local causes to massive, nationwide organisations, everyone benefits when our amazing runners are involved.

On average, those of our Roughians who raised money for charity managed over £500 each in contributions, which is phenomenal. It’s also an incredible ROI for your charity if you’re looking to buy places. Given that a ticket is around £50 on average, that’s a 10:1 return on the investment you make, and an excellent reason to encourage your supporters to take on our unique range of challenging obstacles!

So, if you’re interested in getting a bunch of people running for your cause, get in touch via the form at the bottom. We’ll send you the demographics and details about our Roughians, and if you like what you see we can set you up with your package quickly and easily, so you can get your supporters fundraising straight away!

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