Get Involved


Come join in the fun at Rough Runner!

We would love you to join the volunteering and marshal crew!

What are we looking for?

Someone who enjoys themselves, and has fun!

  • You’ll be cheering runners on as they run and do various TV game show inspired obstacles (this is just hilarious to even watch!)
  • You’ll be helping where needs be any runners get out of pools when they’ve fallen in
  • You’ll be explaining how to do obstacles (you’ll be fully briefed on the day – it’s easy!)
  • You maybe managing one of the drinks or snack stations

You’ll get:

  • Coffee, tea or hot chocolate on arrival! (You can just have water if you prefer!)
  • Sandwiches, snacks and fruit to take out with you
  • A hot meal from any of the caterers on site
  • A free cotton t-shirt exclusively for marshals
  • A free ticket to any Rough Runner event (yes you can give this to someone else if you prefer also)

You’ll have a blast. All our marshals really enjoy their day, and have fun doing it.

Just leave you name, email and phone number and we’ll be in touch.

Best thing, do it with a friend! You could run and get them to marshal, or you could marshal and get them to run!