Great Tew Landing

Ready for some more action? Then join us again in 2019!

Your Rough Runner triumph at Great Tew by now may feel like a distant memory, so if you need a reminder then take a look at the video below before you read on!

We are excited to announce that our 2019 London event will be back at Great Tew! Although, we’re planning some awesome new obstacles for you to experience!

Since you ran in the 2018 event, we’d like to treat you right. So take the code that you got when you reviewed the event (you remembered to do this right?) and click the links below to get access to tickets, and don’t forget to use the code when you select your choice of distance.

With this launch special deal, you’ll get the lowest rates, as well as the reductions on offer for reviewing the 2018 event. So you can rest assured that you’ve got the best price, and can brag about it to your mates who’ll end up paying extra, right up until September 2018.
Launch tickets only available till the end of the month (until [DATE]).

SAT 2019



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Want a reminder of how awesome it was? Check out the event video!