Humla School

Join us in helping to bring an education to these children


The school in the village of Muchu, Humla, is for the very poorest children who live too far from the village to be able to travel there every day. So in 2012 we set up a hostel for 15 children where they could stay overnight and have lessons in the daytime. The hostel school proved very popular and now has more than 50 children, but is becoming expensive to maintain. So we are looking to raise £20,000 to set up activities that will enable the school to become self-sufficient in two to three years, and independent of Western fund-raising.


For us achieve this goal, we need your help as Rotaract members. We’d like to invite you to put your best feet forward in taking on a series of physical challenges all inspired by much-loved game shows, and get sponsored while you’re at it!


Across distance options of 5km, 10km and 15km, you’ll be pitted against giant sweeper arms, a 40m slide, ramps, towers and climbing walls, as well as the legendary Travelator! 


Last year Rough Runner participants raised over £250,000 (and an impressive £500 per active fundraiser) while taking on the course, so we’re hoping our Rotaract members can manage a significant part of our £20k target by asking friends and family for sponsorship as they take part in these events.


We have a bundle of free Rough Runner event places which we will be giving out to Rotaract members based on how much they think they will be able to raise. If you’re interested in doing the event and helping the Humla kids, then please fill out the form below with your details and your pledge. Just to be clear, you won’t be under any financial commitment to cover the amount you enter, but we’d hope your network of family, friends and colleagues would be generous enough for you to hit your target amount!


Places will be awarded to people based on the highest pledges, but please don’t enter a figure you think is unattainable! This initiative is all about raising as much as we can for this very worthy cause, so it would be fantastic if the amounts pledged materialised as real funds for these children.


Humla School Pledge

Thank you for your pledge.

Entries close 19th March. We will be announcing the names of our selections on the 20-21st March via email with instructions for what to do next, so please keep an eye out!