Introducing our new Fitness Coach – Ben Davie

Rough Runner are really excited to have partnered up with Ben Davie as our Fitness Coach for 2018. Ben will be providing video content and some useful blogs. The idea: to help get you moving your own body well this year! Ben will also be putting on the warm up at every event across the UK this year, so here are a few words from him!

I am so excited to have partnered up with Rough Runner this year as the Fitness Coach – for me, fitness should be fun, simple and accessible for all.

I love having a fitness challenge to work towards. Personally I like to structure my year into shorter and longer term challenges – there is no better feeling than completing an event that you have been working towards.

A big goal of mine this year is to encourage as many Roughians to move better as I can, whether that be digitally through a video or on the day of an event. I believe that it is never too late to try something new or think about moving your body in a different way.

As Fitness Co-ordinator for The Body Coach, home workouts are a key part of our philosophy, and bodyweight strength is crucial. Whether you are completing an event this year or not, it feels so good to be strong and mobile in your own body.

I have put a series of 10 minute home workout videos together, as well as some insightful blogs and tips to get you moving better than ever this year!

I hope you find the content useful – let us know if you have any feedback at all…

See you at the start line…!

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