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Rough Runner is a new breed of sports event.

It merges distance running (there’s a 5km, 10km and 15km run) and obstacles that you’ll have to take on along the way.

But not just the regular, military-style obstacles you’ll see on every other event out there, that do nothing but freeze, burn, lacerate and electrocute you.

Instead, our obstacles are inspired by all those game shows we love – Takeshi’s Castle, Wipeout, Gladiator, Ninja Warrior and more.

So if you’ve ever thought that the Travelator looked like a challenge off Gladiators, a sweeper obstacle would be a great laugh, or you just fancy a go on our big balls, then Rough Runner is for you.

We could do our best to describe the full experience here, but we’ll never do it justice! Watch the videos below instead – they’re only a few minutes and paint a picture that words can’t manage. Sound on if you can!

Roughian Rascals

2019 sees the return of a our Roughian Rascals events, a 1 mile course designed specifically for adventure-seeking kids from 7 to 12 years old. The course will give kids the chance to get a little muddy (weather dependent!) and experience some unique, cool and fun obstacles – in a safe and managed environment. Tickets will be £15.00 per kid, and the event happens alongside the main adults event at each venue through the year.

If you’re interested in entering kids into Roughian Rascals, please head over here now.

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