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  • General FAQs and booking
  • 1
    What’s included in ticket prices?

    Aside from an awesome run, in stunning scenery, along with our fabulous obstacles, you’ll also get a wristband at the start, medal at the finish and water all the way through the course.
    Bag drop is included, and there are no spectator fees (car parking is charged at £5 per vehicle).

  • 2
    How is Rough Runner different from other obstacle races?

    We're the TV Game Show orientated one!

    We’re moving away from the military-style event that everyone else seems to be doing, and bringing something new to the table.

    Our aim is to capture the fun from game show obstacles (think Gladiators, Wipeout, etc) and put you up against challenges that you’ve seen on TV and always wanted to try!

  • 3
    Why don’t you include a T-shirt?

    We’ve found that people just don’t want a cheap cotton T-shirt, and they'd rather have a reduced ticket price instead of us including a cheap t-shirt.
    Customers said they'd rather spend a bit more, off their own back but be given the choice to buy a high quality, technical t-shirt instead, which you can get when you buy a ticket.
    And we’ve kept the price as low as we can for you!
    T-shirts are always picked up at the event. We DON'T send out t-shirts prior to an event or after an event.

  • 4
    How do I use a promo code?

    When you’re on the Race Space page to buy a ticket, you’ll see an option saying ‘Add promo code’ just above the payment section. Just punch in your code there and the prices for the tickets will change with the discount included.

    Here are some screenshots showing exactly what to do...

    Here are some screenshots showing exactly what to do....

    1. First, choose your preferred distance, and whether to run as an individual or in a team, then click 'BOOK NOW':

    2. Secondly, once you're on the ticket registration page, you'll see the summary section on the right hand side, which shows the total price. You can add your promo code at any point in the registration process by hitting 'Add promo code', which will get a text box to appear.

    3. Thirdly, once you've typed in your code, you just need to click away from that box and the code will be applied if valid. You'll know it's worked when you see your discount amount appear below the ticket, and the total amount will drop. If you get an error message and the discount is not applied, email us and we'll look into it.

  • 5
    How do I set up, or enter into a team?

    You do this on the Race Space page once you’ve clicked through to buy a ticket (make sure you select the 'book now' button alongside TEAM ENTRY!). If you’re struggling, click here which shows a step-by-step guide.


  • 6
    Can I change my ticket to a different distance?

    Yep - the easiest way to do this is on event day, where you just need to pay £10 to upgrade your route during registration (or £20 if you're going from 5kmm to 15km!).

    It is possible to do online, but you'll be charged a fee along with the price difference, so it's much better to wait till the day.

  • 7
    Can I get a refund?

    Full refunds are not given unless there are very exceptional circumstances, which are at our discretion.
    There are 3 options we do allow however for our Roughians.

    1. We will let you transfer to a different event in the same year (£5 fee, plus the difference in ticket cost)
    2. You can defer your place to next year (£5 fee, plus the difference in ticket cost)
    3. You can let someone else take your place (£5 fee)

    However if it's 10 days or less before the event you're due to take part in, there are NO CHANGES ALLOWED, NO REFUNDS ALLOWED, NO TICKET SUBSTITUTIONS ALLOWED AND NO DEFERMENTS ALLOWED.

  • 8
    Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?


    There's a £5 fee to transfer to someone else, and a how-to guide is available here: https://help.racespace.com/refunds-and-transfers/how-can-i-transfer-my-ticket-to-someone-else

  • 9
    I can’t find the waiver. Help!


    The waiver to bring with you to the event, confirming you've read the main waiver is here - The Waiver!/


    If you want to have a read of the main agreement/waiver again you can find this here - http://roughrunner.com/participant-agreement/

    It is long but it's good to understand the risks – it’s an extreme event after all, so there will be a few injuries and you enter at your own risk.

  • 10
    What's the minimum age?

    The minimum age for all Rough Runner events is 16 years old at the time of the event.

    This is because of our insurance reasons.

  • 11
    Can I transfer my ticket to a different day or different event?

    Yep! There's a £5 charge to do it (plus the difference in ticket price if moving to a more expensive ticket), and instructions on how to do it are here: https://help.racespace.com/refunds-and-transfers/how-can-i-transfer-to-another-race.
    Unfortunately we are NOT able to transfer your tickets for you.

  • 12
    Forgot team password?

    You do this on the Race Space page once you’ve created a team. Here's a how-to guide!


  • 13
    How to update your ticket/registration information

    Please click here for instructions on how to update your information.


  • 14
    Are dogs allowed?

    In most cases Dogs aren't allowed, however, each venue we operate at have their own policies. Please drop an email to [email protected] to inquire. As much as we love our furry friends, there is often livestock around and we try to respect the venue owners' wishes as much as possible.

    Any dogs that are brought to events, guide dogs or otherwise must be kept on leads at all times, and any foul must be picked up and disposed of properly!

  • 15
    Can I defer to next year?

    Yes you can. The Race Space platform effectively allows you to transfer the price of your ticket as 'credit' for another Rough Runner event. Please take a look at the guide below to see how it works:


  • 16
    How to make changes?

    To amend any of your details, you should follow the below steps.


  • 17
    Have you got showers?

    There are hot showers at most of our events. Please email us if you'd like to check!

    To help raise money for our chosen charity, The Stroke Association, there's a minimal charge.

    We strongly urge you to bring a towel and a fresh change of dry clothes! If it's hot you'll be sweaty, if it's wet you'll be muddy! Either way, it's much nicer to have a drink at the bar if you're feeling fresh!

  • 18
    Have you got changing rooms?

    We have changing facilities, but it’s basic – literally a marquee tent, one for men, and one for women. There’s nothing inside them – it’s not a 5* hotel!

  • 19
    Transferring from an individual ticket to a Group ticket

    So you've found some friends and want to transfer your ticket from an individual ticket to a group.
    That's no problem.
    We won’t charge you for doing this, (except for the difference in ticket price).
    You will need to pay the difference if that ticket price is higher, unless you have a promotional code to use, however if it's lower, you will NOT be able to get the difference back.
    Unfortunately we are NOT able to transfer your tickets on your behalf.
    You need to log in to your own account, which we don't have the passwords for, and "Transfer your ticket".
    Follow the details outlined below, and watch the video we've made specially for you, where we walk you through the process from start to finish.

    What you need to do is:

    1. Go to https://www.eventbrite.com/gettickets
    2. Enter the email you used to register for the event
    3. Click "manage order" - and then Transfer
    4. Choose the right event, and the right ticket type and follow the instructions.

    Watch this video to help guide you through the process.

    [video_lightbox_vimeo5 video_id="154839661" width="640" height="480" anchor="http://roughrunner.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/How-to-transfer-a-ticket-4.png"]
    Or you can watch this directly on Vimeo - https://vimeo.com/154839661

  • About the course
  • 1
    Race timing – what’s the deal?

    We will have race clocks at the start and finish line to help you time yourself, however this is not an officially timed event.

    It’s more about making it to the end rather than winning, so don’t worry about your time if you’re not the competitive type – there’s no time limit anyway!

  • 2
    Will there be water stations?

    Yep - 1 on the 5km, 2 on the 10km, 3 on the 15km, plus water at the finish line.

  • 3
    Is there a bag drop? Is it secure?

    Yep, there’s a secure bag drop in the runners’ village, free of charge for participants. Though it is used at each participants' own risk.

    We take no responsibility or liability for anyone's belongings left in the bag drop.

    Also, although it’s in a marquee the ground can become muddy, so don’t bring your Gucci hangbags or fancy gear! They may well get muddy!

  • 4
    Is there swimming involved?

    Not really – you’ll be splashing about but there’s no full submersion, so if you can’t swim it’s not an issue. Unless you’re less than 3ft tall, in which case you might be all the way under!

  • 5
    What happens if I get injured?

    There will be medical services close to hand all through the site, with off-road vehicles to carry you back to the village if you need.

  • 6
    What’s the difference between the 3 routes?

    Generally, the longer the race, the greater the challenge. The distance will of course be different, and there’ll be more, tougher obstacles the further you’re running. Every route will finish with the Travelator!

  • 7
    Obstacles - differences between routes?

    Very simply, the shortest route - being the 5km run, has around 9-10 obstacles which tend to be slightly easier and more fun. The 10km has 5 more obstacles, which get a little tougher, and the 15km route has around 18-20 obstacles and they're the hardest of the lot!
    Also our obstacles are proper obstacles, unlike other courses you may have done that may make you lift a brick 10 times and class that as an obstacle.
    Also we do NOT do laps, ever. We don't believe in that.
    The only event that doesn't have the longest distance is Clapham, due to the size of the Common. So this is purely a 5km and 10km run, although with the same number of obstacles as the other events.
    We don't publish which obstacles you'll get before the race, so train for them all and be prepared for the element of surprise!

  • On the day
  • 1
    What do I need to bring?

    ID – just a copy of anything with your photo on it will do. This is mandatory, so don’t forget it!
    A print our of your ticket.
    A signed waiver. Please check the http://roughrunner.com/participantinfo/ for more info and to download this form.
    £5 cash for parking. Except for Clapham where there is no parking!
    Anything comfortable to run in, which you don’t mind getting a bit ruined!
    Gloves are handy for ropes and nets, while full-leg coverage will protect you from a few cuts and scrapes.
    Aside from clothing, cash is handy for food & drink as there are no ATMs on site or anywhere near.

  • 2
    When do I find out my wave time?

    We’ll send these out via email 7-14 days out before the event. Double check your spam folders for emails from Rough Runner if you haven't marked our emails as being okay.

    We will try to accommodate everyone as close as possible to what was requested, but we can’t guarantee anything. Try not to make major plans in case your late! Either for the event or if you're slower than you think at Rough Runner, or you're allocated a time later than you expect.

    If you’re in a team, we’ll prioritise putting you together.

  • 3
    What’s your spectator policy?

    The more the merrier! We think it’s outrageous that some events charge spectator entry fees, so we won’t charge you a penny for bringing friends and family. The only exception is if they're driving separately, in which case they'll need £5 cash for parking (car park is £5 per car).

    As a spectator, you can roam around the grounds and cheer everyone on, but must stay clear of the obstacles. The runners’ village will also have food and drink outlets while you wait for your buddies to finish!

  • 4
    What about car parking?

    There’s loads of space to park (except for London), and we only charge £5 per vehicle (cash only) for it. Other races charge up to £30 but we're not interested in fleecing people, just covering our costs.

    If you can, try to car share – it'll save petrol money and the planet and you can split the car parking fee.

    If you're attending a London event - catch public transport or cycle!

  • 5
    I don’t drive – how do I get to an event?

    There are public transport links, but some of the venues are remote.
    Please check your specific event page for more details on this.
    Getting to the nearest train station and organising a taxi will usually be easier, but by far the best is to get a friend to join you for the fun, and get them to drive!