We’re delighted to have partnered with the British Heart Foundation to help support the amazing work they do to win the fight against cardiovascular disease.

Due to personal reasons of the Rough Runner founders, this is a charity which means a lot to us, and we’d love to be able to make a real difference with the help of our amazing Roughians. If you’re taking part in an event, or you know someone who is, please do see what you can do to help the BHF carry out their vital work.

The vision of the British Heart Foundation is a world in which people do not die prematurely or suffer from cardiovascular disease.

“Today in the UK, around 480 people will go to hospital with a heart attack. About seven in ten will survive to return home. In 1961, when the BHF began, that would have been unthinkable. In those days the odds of survival, let alone recovery, from heart attack were poor.”

“We led the fight to change that with pioneering research that paved the way for lifesaving treatments. We’re not going to stand still and wait for progress to come. We’re going to drive the fight forward by expanding our research programme, accelerating discovery, and pushing for its translation into lifesaving benefits for all.”

Simon Gillespie, BHF Chief Executive

Our goals are to support the British Heart Foundation in a number of ways, such as donating all profits from showers, creating entertainment in the Runners Village area where all donations are given, offering masseur and other runners benefits where all donations are again given to BHF.

There are many other things we’re looking to do and are working with BHF on a series of initiatives.


Wainwright Golden Beer

We’re delighted to be in partnership with Wainwright – The Golden Beer!

‘You were made to soar, to crash to earth, then to rise and soar again’

Alfred Wainwright

Personal mountains come in all shapes and sizesSmashing your best time on the downhill run. Nailing Rough Runner. Ditching your job and setting up a business. Making that first impression. They all involve pushing yourself out of that warm and cosy comfort zone and launching into your own personal ‘expedition’. Just what the famous Lakeland Fell Walker Alfred Wainwright, life-force and inspiration behind the golden beer, championed throughout his life.

Why we love Wainwright, The Golden Beer? Simply put – a deliciously invigorating and totally refreshing reward for your accomplishments! They’re also a great bunch of people with the same mindset and principles as us here at Rough Runner. Put yourself out there. Enjoy yourself. Have fun. Challenge yourself. And reward yourself.

This delicious, invigorating and refreshing beer uses a unique combination of hops and 100% Marris Otter malt to provide subtle sweet notes and a delicately citrus aroma. The result is the perfectly refreshing reward if you enjoy your ale lightly hopped, with delicate fruity scents, or even if you’re normally a lager drinker who welcomes an easy drinking, lightness of style.

You can see more at Wainwright – The Golden Beer.


Arc Health

We’re delighted to be in partnership with Arc Health!

‘A totally fresh perspective on looking after yourself. Insurance is normally a rather dull part of life, but Arc Health have turned it on it’s head to help you look after yourself, and rewarding you every step of the way.’

Timothy Milne, Rough Runner

Arc Health want to encourage everyone to live life to the full, and they help you do this by engaging with you to live a longer, healthier and more rewarding life whilst protecting you and your loved ones. They inspire you to make subtle changes to your lifestyle, and reward you accordingly through the Vitality program. It’s something we’ve never heard of or seen before at Rough Runner and after meeting the chaps behind the business, we had to somehow get involved.

A truly unique approach to something that, let’s be honest, the majority of us don’t think about that much or don’t want to think about!

What makes them unique is the amazing rewards they offer you and how it can aid you in living a Healthy Life. Arc Health has already changed thousands of lives helping people engage with Vitality and they take great pride in making a difference to people’s lives, all whilst providing the best possible customer care.

They’ve aided countless customers in transitioning to a Healthy Lifestyle through being a Vitality Member. Take a look at their benefits and rewards here.

Check more out at Arc Health Rewards.


Global's Make Some Noise

We’re delighted to be in partnership with Global’s Make Some Noise!

Global’s Make Some Noise supports brilliant, small charities across the UK, which help youngsters and their families living with illness, disability or lack of opportunity.

These charities struggle to get heard, so, we unite some the biggest radio stations in the UK – Heart, Capital, Capital XTRA, Classic FM, Smooth, LBC, Radio X and Gold – to give them a voice and raise money to support their amazing work.

You can see more about Global’s Make Some Noise here.


Much Better Adventures

Holidays. Sorted.

Explore the world’s most inspiring places, with the best local guides and hosts.

We are pleased to welcome Much Better Adventures on board as one of our event partners.

Much Better Adventures are an award winning platform for booking unique, ready-made adventure weekends. Join a small social group of like-minded people, or book privately just for you and friends. From Kayaking and Wildcamping the Norwegian Fjords to climbing Mt Toubkal in Morocco, check out the amazing adventures you could have on your next weekend away.

As an event entrant, you can get £25 credit to use on any adventure weekend. Sign up now using code roughrunner to claim your credit (no expiry) 

Join one of Much Better Adventures’ award-winning weekend adventures run by amazing local guides, or compare owner-run catered chalets across The Alps.

Time to enjoy life! Go live it, explore & see new things!



We’re chuffed to bits to have Sweatshop on board!

Set up way back in 1971 by Chris Brasher, (pacemaker for Roger Bannister during the breaking of the 4 minute mile, Olympic gold medallist and co-founder of the London Marathon), with the aim of providing the best equipment and insight .Sweatshop know everything there is to know about running and endurance, and have kept true to Chris’s values to this day.

And with free running communities (SRC’s) heading out weekly from all their stores, where they give you free gear the more you run, we’re more than happy to call them our partner.

If you want to learn more about the SRC’s, or who they and what they do, check out their website over here and find your nearest store!



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