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Rough Runner is unlike any other obstacle course event, in that we focus on creating bespoke, creative and unique challenges inspired by the well-known and well-loved TV game shows everyone’s come to love over the years, such as Total Wipeout, Ninja Warrior, Gladiators and Takeshi’s Castle to name a few.

We aim to bring the sport to a wider audience by lowering the barriers to entry. As well as our impressive growth in participant numbers, we are the only obstacle race in the UK which has an even split between the two.

The game show-inspired obstacles featured at our events take the focus away from needless endurance, pain and machismo and bring it back to where it’s supposed to be – teamwork, fitness and fun.

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Why partner? Here’s a few ideas.

Rough Runner is growing rapidly in terms of the number of events and participants, having had hugely successful 2015 and 2016 seasons. Each of our events attracts nothing less than 4000 runners, with 2500+ spectators. Each year we’re seeing immense growth in numbers at our events and our social media presence is expanding at a similar rate, with exceptional levels of audience engagement.

Becoming an official partner will give your brand the opportunity to be an integral part of the Rough Runner experience and utilise that engagement with our Roughians.
There are a huge number of sponsorship opportunities, ranging from online promotions via our website (at least 100,000 unique users per month) and our rapidly-growing social media pages, to a presence at the events and in the press. Anything from banners and stalls to sponsoring an obstacle and watching tens of thousands of Roughians tackle it!

Potential areas to get involved with include:

  • Sampling and merchandising at events
  • Branding at events, such as flags and banners, in any combination, in the runners village, on obstacles and on the route
  • Sponsoring certain elements at events, such as water and becoming “hydration partners”, or specific obstacles
  • Cross promotions via social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter (we can send you examples of the huge exposure we presently have on social media, mainly Facebook including both organic and paid for campaigns)
  • Cross promotions via email communications, pre, during and post events
  • Competitions / contests / giveways pre, during and post events
  • Content sharing to specific audiences
  • Team places
  • Visuals on video wall – visible at event and online via livestream
  • Livestream promotions
  • Branding on participant images given away via Facebook for social sharing
  • Integration onto website (traffic is circa 5,000 unique visitors per day)


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