Shop Rough Runner Obstacles Events T-Shirts

T-Shirts are available only to Rough Runner participants who will be attending our events.

We do this to keep them exclusive!

Any t-shirts, hoodies caps or any other merchandise ordered will be given to you on the day of your event.

We don’t keep any stock so can’t post any out sooner. They’re all made specially to order for you.

We’ve two t’s; a blue and yellow. We loved them both and couldn’t make up our minds so are offering both!

Size guides are below – however basically, if you tend to buy medium in a shop, then you should order medium with us, same as small, large, and XL.

Yellow Technical T-Shirt

Blue Technical T-Shirt

Rough Runner Hoodies – Navy Female

Rough Runner Hoodies – Navy male

Rough Runner Baseball Caps – 100% Cotton Navy Blue

Rough Runner Baseball Caps – 100% Polyester Light Blue

Size Guide.

Male T-Shirts.

Size Chart - male T-shirt


*measurements are inches

Female T-Shirts

Size Chart - Female capped sleeve T-shirt


*measurements are inches