The Travelator!We’re always after volunteers to come and help us out with marshaling at the events.

Our Marshals take on very important roles, guiding our runners through the obstacles and around the route, and of course providing encouragement and support all along the way!

Volunteer shifts generally run between 7am – 4/5/6pm, with details to be confirmed 1-2 weeks before the race date.

As a member of our Volunteer team, you will receive the following items as thanks helping us run this truly epic event!;

– Free Rough Runner exclusive Crew t-shirt
– Free lunch
– Free tea & coffee
– Free entry to a future race

Or if you’re feeling generous, you can choose to give your ticket to someone else, and let them race the event whilst you’re volunteering. Don’t worry, you still get the T-shirt and other free stuff!

Given that we have a Saturday and a Sunday event at each location, you can volunteer on one day and run on the other, but you can’t run and volunteer on the same day. We have tried it before which is why we know not to offer this any more!

To find an event to volunteer at, click on the button below and you’ll be given a choice of event to help out with. If you sign up with a friend we do our best (though can’t 100% guarantee it) to station you on the same obstacle to make it even more fun!

If you have registered, and want to find out more information about the timings and plan for the day, along with what to bring, click the other one – “I’m already a volunteer”!



If you have any other questions about the form, the race or joining the Rough Runner Volunteer Crew please email [email protected].