Medal Design Contest


Tickets. Sorted.

Win 4 tickets and £100 worth of goodies at the event!

Goodies include anything from the shop, bar or catering. And if you’re already signed up and don’t want the extra tickets, we’ll give you more spending money instead!

Got an idea for the new Rough Runner 2019 medal?

Submit your design for a new medal for Rough Runner!

We always receive a lot of compliments about our medals, any many love the fact they double up as a bottle opener! The existing design showcases the Travelator chevrons which we do like, a lot.

However, we thought we’d take on some ideas from all our awesome Roughians! We know there’s a lot of you who’ve attended many events, and will have several medals, not just from obstacle courses, but other runs and races too.

So we’d love to get your ideas!

If we choose your design, you’ll win 4 free tickets to any Rough Runner event this year (including the Kids event), and £100 worth of goodies from the shop, bar or catering outlets, to make your day that much more awesome. If you’ve already got all the tickets you want, you can exchange them for an extra £100 to spend on the day instead.

Just enter your details and upload the design (as an image) by 31st January 2019 to be in with a shot. You can enter as many designs as you like!

We’ve always liked the fact that ours has a use as a bottle opener, which hopefully means it doesn’t just end up in a sock drawer somewhere! So if you can think of a design which means the medal is actually useful, it’ll definitely improve your chances.

Medal Design Contest 2019

  • Upload your file here! Needs to be a visual design! Get your pencil and sketch pad out!

*Terms and conditions apply