“The most fun you can have in a group…with your clothes on.”

Rough Runner is the brain child of a group of us who always wanted to go on Gladiators. Turns out we didn’t do enough steroids, so we built our own course instead!

Take on our sweeper arms and you’ll see just how quick your reflexes are.

Try in vain to join the 1% who succeed on our big red balls.

Triumph on the Travelator and fulfill your childhood dreams (if you’re anything like us).

Our event will be the closest thing you’ll find to doing Wipeout, Ninja Warrior, Gladiators and Takeshi’s Castle rolled into one.

100,000 Roughians to date have had the pleasure. Find out why HERE.

Get better rates the earlier you book. Ticket prices rise in:


What’s in store for 2019?

First, we’re delighted to head back to the stunning Great Tew Estate, with their rolling hills and meadows.

Secondly, we’ve epic new obstacles & challenges planned for you! We’ll be keeping everyone’s favourite obstacles from over the years and introducing some new and novel ways of wiping you out!

Thirdly, due to lots of requests, we’re adding a TIMED ELITE WAVE! These will be the first waves of the day, where 4 people race against each other every few minutes – meaning no queues, a leader board AND prizes for the best 3 times!

Interested in just running? Try the HALF MARATHON & 10KM RUN ONLY


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By buying tickets you confirm you’re 16+ years and automatically agree to the Participant Agreement.


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On the day prices are up to £95 – don’t hang about!!



Rough Runner at the Great Tew Estate has been a favourite event in the running calendar for 4 years, with the most picturesque backdrop, varied terrain and atmospheric runners’ village you can come by.

The venue makes for an awesome running route, and as always, we cater to every level of fitness, so we’ll have a 5km route with around 10 obstacles, a 10km route with 15, and all 20 obstacles on our 15km route if you’re up for the toughest challenge. We never do laps at Rough Runner, but everyone who joins us for the game show-inspired journey will cross the Travelator at the finish line. So you can consider that particular childhood dream fulfilled!

The venue is readily accessible from London, Oxford, Birmingham, and most of the Midlands!

If you want to see the rest of the obstacles you and the rest of your team will be up against, have a gander: https://roughrunner.com/obstacles/

* approximate numbers, subject to change at any time

Check out on Google maps where the event is.

  • London – 1hr 15 mins
  • Birmingham – 1hr
  • Bristol - 1hr 30 mins
  • Oxford - 30 mins


  • There is free access to the event for all spectators (except for parking costs if driving separately).
  • We want to encourage our Roughians to bring their friends and families to see them take on The Travelator at the finish line, and don't feel the need to charge for a ticket just to enjoy the spectacle!
  • Free bag drop service.
  • You'll also get a free medal.
  • We won't be throwing in a cheap cotton T-shirt - we dropped our ticket prices instead. (We do, however, have a much higher quality, sexy, technical T-shirt available which you can get at the checkout when you buy your ticket. For those that miss the boat you can also get them on the day of the event, but expect to pay a little extra!)


We have a fully managed car park on site, and we have a traffic management system in operation with AA road signs in place showing where to go.

Car parking is just £8 cash on the gate that covers the cost of operating all this.


  • If you want to find out what's included in the price, just click on the "What's Included" tab.
  • Start times will be from 9am through to approx 2pm, and we will advise you of your start time about 10 - 14 days prior to the event date.
  • Please arrive on site around 1 hour prior to your start time, to get yourself registered, set up and ready to run!
  • For most, driving will be the best means of getting there, so get some buddies together and road trip it!
Things you'll need to bring:

1. A print out of your ticket, a signed waiver (here), and photo ID. You can’t race without!

2. Cash for food and drinks on site - card payment machines out in the countryside can be temperamental. Car parking is £8 cash on the day.

3. Suitable clothing. This is up to you, but we'd suggest a warm change of clothes for after the event and gloves to use during (for all those nets and ropes). You will get muddy, and so will your trainers, so don't wear anything you are particularly precious about!

Otherwise just check back here in the run up to the event, or feel free to drop us a line here.


Bring the kids to Roughian Rascals!

Roughian Rascals is also back, but bigger and better, with wet obstacles for the kids! This is a 1 mile course designed specifically for adventure-seeking kids from 7 to 12 years old.

The course will give kids the chance to get wet, possibly a little muddy (weather dependent!), and experience some unique, cool and fun obstacles – in a safe and managed environment.

There will be multiple time slots and we can give you flexibility on your wave to make sure everyone can run!

If you’re interested in entering kids into Roughian Rascals, either just add their tickets when you’re booking yours, or have a look at our info page here.


Where is it?


The Great Tew Park,
New Road,
Chipping Norton,

1hr 15 mins from London.
1hr from Birmingham.
1hr 30 mins from Bristol.
30 mins from Oxford.



Watch the Rough Runner experience for yourself…