Participant Information


*Latecomers, your participation will be at our discretion.

It won’t be long before you join many others and take on our range of awesome obstacles, many of which have never seen before at an obstacle course event in the UK. Including, of course, The Travelator.

You’re going to have a blast!

But before that, some important info to make sure you’re fully prepared for this epic experience.


  1. If you want to be kept up to date about this specific event, please join your event on Facebook here. (click on the picture of the event and then go ahead and click the + Going) button
  2. Turn up an hour before your start time. All runners should start in their respective waves and give ample time to find the venue, and register before running. There is a warm up and short race briefing before your run starts so please be on time! This all ensures a smooth flow of runners across the obstacles during the day, and will help keep queues minimal.
  3. Please check the event page for location details. Don’t be the person who didn’t plan their journey and gets lost on the way!
  4. THINGS YOU MUST BRING – you won’t be allowed to race without them:
    1. Your ticket (with the QR Code visible)
    2. Photo ID
    3. Signed waiver (you can download the ROUGH RUNNER – EVENT WAIVER here)
  5. Wear appropriate gear for the weather and conditions.
  6. Spikes WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. We have obstacles that spikes can cause damage to and we don’t want to take any risks. Your shoes will be checked before you race. Note that spikes also include football boots with “studs”. If you haven’t got shoes without spikes, be prepared to run barefoot!
  7. Do NOT wear any jewellery – rings, watches, ear rings etc – as they can get caught on obstacles and be damaged or actually hurt you.
  8. Once you are registered, please head to the race briefing tent for your scheduled wave time. You will receive a short race briefing and then get a 5/6 minute warm-up before you start. For Health and Safety reasons we cannot allow you to start running without getting a race briefing, so please DO NOT JUST JOIN IN THE WARM-UP UNTIL YOU HAVE RECEIVED YOUR RACE BRIEFING.
  9. “I’m late and I’ll miss my start time” – don’t worry if you miss your allotted time, just join the next race briefing and we’ll get you started running as soon as possible. However, if you arrive late in the afternoon you may not be able to run the longer distances (15km and 10km)
  10. No alcohol is to be brought in to the Runner’s Village from outside. Alcoholic drinks that have not been served from our bar will be confiscated. This is due to licensing restrictions that we must adhere to.


  1. Bring a towel and change of clothes. You are going to get wet.  We will have showers on site so if you do feel like scrubbing up, go for it! To help raise some cash for our preferred charity – the British Heart Foundation – we’re going to be charging a very minimal fee.
  2. We do have a free bag drop area, so you can leave any belongings you want. Although secure, this is at your own risk. We take no responsibility or liability for any belongings – leave valuables in a car, or at home! Also, although it’s in a marquee, the ground can become muddy, so don’t bring your Gucci handbags or fancy gear! They may well get muddy or risk being broken! Also make sure they can be properly closed up, ideally with a zip – it’ll help keep everything inside that much safer.
  3. We will have changing facilities, but it’s basic – literally a marquee tent, one for men, and one for women. There’s nothing inside them, just an area for a bit of privacy.
  4. You can buy our amazing T-Shirts on the day if you’ve not bought one yet, although they’ll be more expensive than if you purchase online in advance. Check out the shop if you’ve not got your T-shirt yet!
  5. There will be a bunch of caterers on site serving up a carvery, jacket potatoes, hog roast, sandwiches and more, so remember to bring cash to feed yourself. It’s all £5 or thereabouts!
  6. Driving is the best way to get to our events, and we provide parking for £5 (cash on the day), except at the London event where there is limited parking. Here we offer priority parking and VIP parking for an increased price. Otherwise, we strongly recommend using public transport.

We know all of our Roughians are switched on, awesome people, and you’ll remember everything, come well equipped, have an amazing day, and enjoy every second. Do come say hi, and let us know what you thought of the obstacles!

Just to add, we love some of the team names – We may even do some fun prizes for the most outrageously dressed team! Let us know on Facebook if you’re going to run wearing something a little mad!


The time on your ticket and on Eventbrite may state a specific time. This is NOT your start time. It’s simply what time the event starts.

We’ll announce wave times, via email, a few weeks before the event, so please keep your eye on your emails from us. If you’re in a team, but have a different wave time, don’t worry. Join in with your team.

If you requested a preferred start time on the registration form, this is NOT definitive, but a guide for us to allocate you in a certain wave.


Can I get a refund if I decide not to enter or if I am injured?

We do not give refunds but we do offer 3 options for Roughians who are unable to take part for any reason. No changes (substitutions, transfers or deferred entries) can be made to registrations under any circumstances in the 10 days leading up to the event you have entered.

Option 1 – Substitutions

You can make a substitution via your Eventbrite login, following the below process:

My Tickets > View Order > Transfer > Change Event > Rough Runner Substitutions.

You will then be sent a confirmation email which will ask you to send the Full Name and Email address of the person who will be taking your place to [email protected]

Substitutions are free of charge. We will then send the new participant a 100% discount code so they can get registered without charge.

Option 2 – Transferring Events

You can transfer events via your Eventbrite login, following the below process:

My Tickets > View Order > Transfer > Change Event > Select Event.

There’s no admin charge if you transfer to an event in the same year! The only thing you may need to pay is the difference in cost if transferring to a more expensive ticket. Transfers can only be made if the event you want to switch to is not full.

Option 3 – Deferred Entry

You can defer your entry via your Eventbrite login, following the below process:

My Tickets > View Order > Transfer > Change Event > Rough Runner Deferrals.

You will then be sent a confirmation email of your deferral, which will provide you with all the information to reactivate your ticket in 2017. There is no fee for deferred entries.

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