Rough Runner is unlike any other obstacle course event, in that we focus on creating bespoke, creative and unique challenges inspired by the well-known and well-loved TV game shows everyone’s come to love over the years, such as Total Wipeout, Ninja Warrior, Gladiators and Takeshi’s Castle to name a few.

We aim to bring the sport to a wider audience by lowering the barriers to entry. As well as our impressive growth in participant numbers, we are the only obstacle race in the UK which has an even split between the two.

The game show-inspired obstacles featured at our events take the focus away from needless endurance, pain and machismo and bring it back to where it’s supposed to be – teamwork, fitness and fun.

There’s an array of possibilities in partnering with us. We’re also a friendly bunch, and love to make things happen.

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The Travelator

The one and only, legendary Travelator off Gladiators. 


Think Total Wipeout! Unique, bespoke designed and built for Rough Runner.

Why partner with us?

We’re a social bunch, who work hard and want to make sure everyone gets the best out of everything. Unlike many other event companies, we do care about our partners and would rather ensure it works for all, and a partnership is sustained for the long term.

Why not have an exploratory chat with us. There’s never any obligations and it may not be the right fit for us either, but you’ll never know unless you ask!

And you’ll never know about the possibilities and things we can offer. So get in touch!

Media Campaigns

Pre, during and post event comms on mutliple platforms. Gain brand exposure and test specific campaigns to the Rough Runner demographics.

Ask for more details about our demographics. 

Video & imagery

Get your branding positioned via banners, flags or any other medium to get into 1000s of images and video’s that get shared online to millions.

Our own videos capture all branding and this gets shared, but also used in paid for ads on all social channels. So you’ll naturally be visible in content shared on line.

Sampling and merchandising

Want to let people try out your product? Or let them know what it is you offer?

The perfect place to test a product, or promote a product.

8,000+ at each event

With some 6,000+ runners and 3,000+ spectators at each event, there’s a dedicated audience on-site at your fingertips.

Coupled with comms prior to let them all know you’ll be there and promotions afterward, it’s a perfect strategy for brand awareness.


Finsbury Park

N4 1EE
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Morden Park

Morden Park House
London Rd
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Salford Quays

Salford Quays
M50 3AZ
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Great Tew Park
New Road
Chipping Norton

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