We’re delighted to be in partnership with PowerBar!

This year PowerBar have launched a new range of delicious protein bars that we’ve had the privilege of trying and they are awesome! So, we are so pleased to be working with them this year and fuelling all of our Roughians with their products to make sure your Rough Runner journey is as enjoyable as humanly possible! You should definitely try these bars, buy them here from Wiggle (including lots of other fabulous PowerBar products to help you on your training journey!)

For the love of sport. For over 30 years.

PowerBar’s expertise in sports nutrition builds on more than 30 years of experience. Since 1986, PowerBar have been developing products by athletes for athletes. By using only best tasting high quality ingredients, PowerBar supply everybody who loves sport with just the right fuel at just the right time. Whether you’re a high performer or an amateur sports enthusiast.

The Taste of Sport.

Tasting sport means tasting life. Breathe in the fresh air, feel your heart beat, feel sweat on your skin or simply enjoy sport! Whether you want to push yourself, give everything for your team or just have fun. Celebrate every moment, even if it’s a struggle sometimes. This is what is called “The Taste of Sport” and PowerBar is there to inspire and fuel you whenever you need it.

Powerbar at Rough Runner!

Across our 2018 events, Powerbar will be fuelling an estimated 30,000 Roughians with 2 of their top prodcuts, perfect for a pre-event energy boost and a post-run pick-me-up. Look out for these before and after your epic obstacle experience!

Pre exercise

PowerGel Shots

These are perfect pre-obstacle and can even fuel you as you go for an energy boost on the run! (no stiches here!) Read below for all the technical info!

Liquid filled carbohydrate gums with C2MAX Dual Source Carb Mix

For intense training or competition you should refuel during exercise with up to 90g carbohydrates per hour depending on the intensity and duration. POWERGEL® SHOTS deliver the same function as PowerGels with a scientifically developed combination of different carbohydrate sources. They are designed for before and during sport, easy to portion and taste great!

5 SHOTS deliver the same amount of carbohydrates as 1 PowerGel®
Unique taste experience through liquid filled centre of the shots
With natural flavours – no preservatives* (*by law)
9 Shots in a resealable bag – easy to consume in individual shot portions

Post exercise (and as a snack throughout the day!)

Protein Nut2 60g

This is one of PowerBar’s new protein bar’s, launched early 2018 it is the best protein bar on the market (just saying!) Not only will it give you all the protein you need post-obstacles but it is also delicious in taste! Don’t forget that this bar isn’t just for post-exercise, enjoy a bar a day as an alternative to those high sugar traditional chocolate bars! Read below for all the technical info!

Protein for snacking and sharing. With extra nutty flavour and 20g protein per pack.

ProteinNut2 comes in two delicious bite sized pieces so is perfect to share with friends. Each pack contains 20g of protein and no more than 1.8g of sugar. ProteinNut2 has a great tasting nut layer and is available in two fantastic flavours, Milk Chocolate Peanut and White Chocolate Coconut. Both bars can be enjoyed on the go or after exercise.

High in protein: 20g per 60g
Low in sugars: not more than 1.8g per 60g
Two pieces per pack, for snacking and sharing
Carbohydrate-reduced: On average 30% less than traditional chocolate bars

Where to buy?

Where to buy PowerBar!
Learn more about PowerBar’s range here!
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