Promotions Terms

Terms and Conditions for use on ALL promotions, codes and benefits at Rough Runner:

Promotions, codes and offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or promotional offer.

Promotional codes and offers are codes and offers that enable customers to obtain benefits such as discounts or free gifts.

These promotions or codes are non-transferable so may only be used in accordance with their terms of use.

If you use a promotional benefit, you must first check that it was issued to you and that you are eligible to use it, by using it to claim a promotional benefit, you will be confirming that: – (i) You are entitled to use the code; (ii) You meet all the conditions that apply to its use; (iii) You agree to the terms set out below.

If, before accepting your order, we find that you are not entitled to use the code or do not meet all the terms and conditions of its use, we may reject your order or, alternatively, process it without the promotional benefit being applied.

If, after accepting your order, we find that you were not entitled to use the code or did not meet all the terms and conditions of its use, we may reverse the benefits that you obtained, if you transacted on a cash basis. E.g.: by debit or credit card, we may take a further payment, equivalent to the value of the benefit obtained, from the card used.

If a code was issued offering a discount or offer on tickets, and those codes were redeemed, no refunds under any circumstance will be granted for those tickets at any point. We will, however, allow someone else to use your ticket, so the ticket name can be transferred to someone else, or you can defer to another event.

All promotions and offers are valid ONLY at Rough Runner events. And they are valid for one event only. Any catering or drinks are ONLY valid at the Rough Runner bar or select caterers. These caterers will be announced in advance of your arrival at any of the events, alternatively, you can ask at the events where your offer is valid. It will not be valid at all caterers.  Any drinks offers is for a round of up to 10 drinks, and for one round only.

All promotions and codes expire end of Dec 2019 and are not transferable, unless duly authorised, to the following year.