Written by Emilia

Loved writing this one! Just watching the footage below made me giggle!

We’ve seen far too many runners stack it on the Travelator so here are some helpful, you can be the judge, tips!

Look up, never give up, don’t jump for the finish line and keep smiling!


We know you don’t want to stare directly into the eyes of our volunteers. Maybe pick your favourite cloud instead! But, look down and you will fall down; simple really.

Looking at your feet will make your feet go from under you ending in a glorious wipeout. If you do look up you’ll be balanced and all you need to do is pump those legs and you’ll be on the road to glory.



So often we seen runners courageously trot up to the bottom of the Travelator with such hope in their eyes, only for them to turn back after only a few steps.

The tricky bit is getting on the Travelator, once you are on keep pumping those legs and you’ll make it! There will also be a lovely volunteer with his/her hand out should you need it!


As helpful as all of our wonderful volunteers are they are very unlikely to be able to drag you up the final meter of the Travelator if you decide to propel yourself at the finish line. This will never work as there is nothing to grab onto; you’ll need to keep plodding away and get your foot to the top!

As much as we enjoy the wipeouts that this results in I have been told to be ‘helpful’ in this blog post….



Surely this is the easy bit?!

Smile your on TV! Well not literally but the fantastic guys at R&R Photos will be snapping your attempt(s) at the Travelator. We are sure you are not going to want to see yourself grimacing with a half concentration face half Braveheart war cry.

Written by Emilia

The Legendary Travelator!

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