Volunteer Info

Roughian Marshals!

Thanks for volunteering to help out with Rough Runner.

You’ll play a huge part in bringing a new, fresh, fun obstacle race to thousands of runners. So well done on signing up!

In order to get you all as well prepped as possible for the event, we’ve got some details about the day below.

As a marshal, we’ve got a few requests of you:

  1. Arrive on site before your shift and be ready to start your shift at the time specified
  2. Be an enthusiastic, positive and proactive member of the Rough Runner team, throughout your entire shift
  3. Approach all tasks allocated to you in a professional way, and if you don’t understand something – ask!
  4. Clap, smile and cheer people on as often as possible!
  5. Be engaged with the tasks given to you and have a flexible approach to the role
  6. Follow reasonable instructions from the team supervisor or race directors, and pass these on to runners if appropriate!
  7. Explain how to tackle the obstacle as best as you can, especially if someone looks like they’re struggling. If you don’t know how your obstacle works, just ask a Rough Runner staff member or race director. Don’t be shy!
  8. The safety of runners will be in your hands at times, so make sure you know the safety aspects of your obstacle, and are ready to get vocal if someone looks like they might hurt themselves. If they ignore you, then you’ll have an A-team to call upon!
  9. Be ready to help someone physically; out of a pool, up to the starting blocks, out of harm’s way, etc
  10. Be prepared to get wet – waist deep in some cases! Bring a towel with you and some warm clothes if it’s not a hot day
  11. Look after your walkie talkie if you have one. They’ll all be signed out to your name, and damage/loss costs £100s!

The marshal’s job is crucial to the success of the events. It’s really important that our Roughian participants have a great time, and everyone is kept safe. This, coupled with the enthusiasm you bring will go a long way to helping ensure you and the runners enjoy it to the max.

As for the schedule, here’s roughly how the day will go:

7:00am-7:30amArrive on site at the venue (see the Event Pages for the venue info). Make sure you plan your route to avoid getting lost!
7:30am-7:45amCoffee and welcome briefing. We'll introduce you to the Head Marshals, who you'll be reporting into
7:45am-8:00amGrab kit, water, etc, and sign out walkie talkies (1 per obstacle/station, so not everyone will need one)
8:00am-9:00amRegistration & other 'village' marshals in position to start welcoming participants. Obstacle marshals move into position for individual briefings
9:00am-Final checks at obstacles
9.00am9:30amFirst wave of runners set off!
2:00pm-3:00pmFinal wave of runners set off
2:30pm'ish-4:30pm'ishAs last runners finish on each obstacle, marshal will be brought back to base (runners' village)

After you’re back to base at the end of the day, it’d be great to have you on site for a little while to have some food and a drink with us. Some marshals will finish earlier than others, but if everyone mucks in and helps create an awesome atmosphere, it’ll be that much more fun for everyone involved!

Want to amend any details?

You can amend any of your details directly in Eventbrite.

Simply go to https://www.eventbrite.com/gettickets, then click “Manage Order” alongside your ticket, and then edit any details.