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We’re always after volunteers to come and help us out at the events.

Volunteers add a lot to each event, particularly encouraging runners to keep going. It’s one of the most important aspects to a race.

You’ll need to register by clicking the button below, and once registered your form will be sent to the Rough Runner Volunteer Manager, who will be in touch in due course with a time and date to conduct a brief telephone interview.

All volunteers need to be interviewed briefly before being accepted.

Volunteer shifts generally run between 8am – 5pm, and once accepted after the telephone interview, details will be confirmed 2-3 weeks before the race date.

As a member of Volunteer team, you will receive the following items as thanks helping us run this truly epic event!;

– Exclusive Rough Runner high quality technical t-shirt
– Free lunch
– Free coffee and beer
– Entry to a future race – for free!

Or if you’re feeling generous, you can choose to give your ticket to someone else, and let them race the event whilst you’re volunteering. Don’t worry, you still get the T-shirt and other free stuff!

We have changed our terms that you cannot race on the day of the event at the end.

If you have any other questions about the form, the race or joining the Rough Runner Volunteer Crew please email [email protected]

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